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Our guest blogs have just a few key criteria. First, any submission must directly address our audience — owners, operators, admins, directors of nursing and other top managers at nursing homes, skilled nursing sections of CCRCs and other facilities with skilled nursing. We are a business-to-business publisher for them, not consumers. Tell the readers directly why this subject is important to them.

[If you want to address issues related to senior living (independent living, assisted living, memory care and continuing care retirement communities), please see the guidelines for our sister publication McKnight’s Senior Living at]

Second, any submission must be unique to McKnight’s Long-Term Care News. In other words, no newsletter reruns or mass-pitched materials will be accepted. If it’s on a common topic or one that you’ve written about before, please recast it before submitting to us.

Guest submissions should focus on thought leadership for long-term care stakeholders. They should not promote a particular company or product / service. Guest columns represent authors’ opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of McKnight’s or its editors.

Submitted columns should be accompanied by an author photo and a few lines of attribution (something that tells the reader why he or she should pay attention to this writer).

Word count and deadline are both up to the submitter. About 500 to 800 words is most common, but the length is ultimately up to the writer. McKnight’s Long-Term Care News will edit submissions for clarity, grammar and appropriate style points.

We accept these pieces on a rolling basis, so the sooner something comes in, the sooner it can be put on the schedule.

Submissions and questions may be sent to McKnight’s Long-Term Care News Senior Editor Kimberly Marselas.