The Certified Senior Housing Investment Professional designation, the first and only professional certification tailored specifically for investment and real estate professionals in the senior housing and care industry, is now available for interested professionals. 

The Fundamentals of Underwriting Senior Housing and Care Certificate Program is a comprehensive, 90-day program, which is offered online in a self-paced, asynchronous format to maximize convenience for learners. The program is available multiple times a year and not only saves you time but also money by bundling relevant courses together.

This certificate program stands out as the industry’s premier certification program designed to train investment and finance professionals. Upon completing the program’s six courses, graduates will earn a certificate in the Fundamentals of Underwriting Senior Housing & Care and the professional designation of “CSHIP” — Certified Senior Housing Investment Professional. 

In the senior housing and care industry, the significance of hiring is growing due to shifting demographics in the United States, evolving consumer preferences, the introduction of innovative technologies, and the increasing demand for novel housing solutions. Hiring and retaining skilled, well-trained employees will be imperative as the industry prepares for expansion.

Traditionally, the senior housing and care industry, known for its niche and unique nature, has relied on on-the-job training (OJT) methods to onboard new hires in real estate or investment-based roles within the sector. While OJT methods have their advantages, they also come with various challenges. For instance, many OJT training methods lack standardization of quality control, offer limited exposure, and often result in a loss of productivity among teams responsible for managing new hires. These challenges prompted the NIC Academy team to reconsider how best to prepare the next generation of industry professionals, ensuring they are equipped with all the tools for success.

NIC Academy’s Fundamentals of Underwriting Senior Housing and Care Certificate Program provides a viable solution by enhancing the training and onboarding process and acting as a strong supplement or replacement for OJT training methods.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Zach Bowyer, MAI, Senior Managing Director at Cushman & Wakefield. As an executive in the senior housing and care industry, he effectively balances the demands of his executive role with the essential task of training new hires.

“Attracting top talent and equipping them with the necessary expertise as swiftly as possible has always been a top priority for us,” Bowyer explained. “I’m excited to learn about NIC Academy’s Fundamentals of Underwriting Senior Housing & Care Certificate Program, and I am confident it will be a game-changer in this regard.”

Properly training new hires is vital for the growth, success and long-term sustainability of any organization. It not only equips employees with the necessary skills and knowledge but also fosters a positive work environment and a professional culture, ultimately leading to improved business outcomes.

Promoting the pursuit of professional designations will help the senior housing and care industry grow by ensuring standardization, credibility, quality and ethical standards, and by facilitating career advancement and increased collaboration. Professional designations benefit professionals by fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. 

The NIC Academy team is confident that the CSHIP designation will establish a new “gold standard” for the senior housing and care industry moving forward, becoming the foundational requirement for hiring and training new employees. This designation offers new industry entrants and career changers an equal opportunity to succeed in the ever-evolving senior housing and care industry.

Serena Lipton serves as Programming Curation Manager at the National Investment Center for Senior Housing & Care (NIC). In this role, Ms. Lipton collaborates with senior living industry leaders to develop educational platforms and content to service the industry. Before joining NIC, Ms. Lipton served as an Associate with Artemis Real Estate Partners’ healthcare business and was responsible for supporting asset management activities across the healthcare platform with a focus on seniors housing, in addition to prior years spent as an analyst for JLL and CBRE’s Senior Housing Valuation & Advisory Services.

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